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Recs: What we're reading, buying, watching, etc. (Week of July 27, 2020)

1. Invented by a Bay Area tween, the Safe Touch Pro™ handle is an anti-microbial, plant-based, US-made tool to help you avoid high-touch and germ-filled surfaces. Store it on your key chain for easy accessibility. I ordered the limited summer Dragon Fruit color!

2. I've tried many organic laundry detergents, but none of them quite hit the mark in terms of strength and reliability. I found middle ground with Tide's Purclean plant-based detergent. It gets everything clean and bright, and lasts longer than other laundry soaps. Bonus: It comes in an eco-friendly box.

3. Love the idea of winning once-in-a-lifetime prizes and supporting nonprofits? Check out Omaze. Watch the Mars rover landing with Bill Nye benefiting The Planetary Society, Escape to Santorini to support Conservation International, win a Mercedes for COVID-19 relief, and more.

4. I wanted a natural, DIY solution to the weeds that are slowly transforming my patio into deep jungle. I came across this HGTV weed killer recipe with just 3 ingredients: white vinegar, salt and liquid dish soap (this one's biodegradable and cruelty-free with a lemon verbena scent).

5. It's too damn hot to bake! Try these 13 Easy No-Bake Desserts from Red Tricycle. Lookin' at you, Tiramisu Slab Cake. Kid- and adult-approved.

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