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Recs - What We're Reading, Watching, Listening To, etc. (Week of July 6, 2020)

1. If you mediate regularly, you may want to take your practice a little deeper with Sound Meditation. I love how these recordings elevate my meditation experience by feeling I'm surrounded by the music and able to better quiet my mind. To try before you buy, do this 10-minute sesh.

2. Check out this cute and informative Secret to Happiness infographic about how people around the world define and demonstrate happiness in their lives. Bonus: These practices are backed by science.

3. Transitioning to more eco-friendly products? For the bath, it's easy with this natural sea sponge. It's natural, sustainable and renewable, plus awesomely soft and bacteria-resistant!

4. I've been looking for a platform for free, easily accessible and varied workouts and came across Nike Training Club. In addition to sessions, the app offers nutrition and wellness tips. They recently announced that all content will remain free forever for everyone who joins. Download the app for iOS or Android.

5. Since we're all spending more time in the kitchen, I decided to finally upgrade my mishmash of to go containers to this Anchor Hocking Food Storage set, which is microwaveable and dishwasher safe. The splurge was well worth it for me -- I've saved space, gotten more organized, and gone from storage to eating quickly and easily!

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