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Recs - What We're Reading, Watching, Buying, etc. (Week of August 23, 2020)

1. As the uncertainty and despair of the coronavirus pandemic wears on, I found "The Thrive Guide to Remaining Hopeful Through the Coronavirus Pandemic" a helpful and uplifting read. It reminded me to focus on things that could help me get through this tough time, both mentally and IRL. Take a look here.

2. Now that I'm trying my hand at plant-tending, I couldn't resist this cute but classy mini watering can. I actually bought it for my son as a way to care for another living thing, but I like it enough to keep it out for display.

3. A good playlist for productivity can help you power through your workday. I love Evan Carmichael's Productivity Music channel on YouTube. Catchy, upbeat music of mainstream songs without vocals has me streaming these tunes all day. Plus, each playlist runs from 1-3+ hours, for minimum interruption to my 9 to 5.

4. 'Cause we're alwayyyys home, there's more cleaning on the to-do list. I bought this nifty broom and dustpan set to get a handle on the messes that mysteriously appear on our floors. With an adjustable pan, firm bristles and "teeth" to clean the broom, sweeping feels easier, efficient, and most important, more effective.

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