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Being Relentless


"Relentless means demanding more of yourself than anyone else can demand, knowing every time you stop you can still do more."

- Tim Grover, renowned personal trainer and author

On his Spotify podcast Unfuck Nation, one of my fave personal development coaches Gary John Bishop takes questions from listeners about challenges they're facing. After advising one individual about their particular situation, Gary says this:

"I don't expect you to be perfect. No one's perfect. I expect you to be relentless."

That was a very powerful statement for me in that moment. I'd been feeling quite negative the past few weeks, getting stuck in unhealthy thought patterns and habits. GJB talks a lot about taking full responsibility for our lives, and demonstrating that through our actions. In this case, he was referring to how we frame things in our mind. If we take the idea that being relentless (a mindset) leads us to personal freedom (a way of being), what does that look like IRL?

If, for example, you just got out of a toxic relationship but still felt the pull of the other person, what would you do? How would "to be free, be relentless" apply to you?

Our tendency is to let ourselves off the hook. We tell ourselves little untruths, to soften the harsh blow of reality. Maybe I should try again, you may think. Or maybe, they'll change, I just have to be patient. But do these thoughts really serve you?

Instead, what if you reminded yourself, if I want to be free, I need to be relentless? Your perspective might change dramatically. You might now think, no matter how much you want to go back, you need to keep resolutely forward. You might refuse to send that text to your ex each and every single time you felt the urge, a million times over. You could be adamant in knowing you deserve and will find something better for you. You would remain determined to stay the course, no matter how painful and sad it became.

I wonder, then, how choosing to be relentless saves you from so much more potential heartache, lost time and negative thinking. How it fuels you to fight for the best for yourself, no matter how others choose to treat you. How it reminds you that you are so much stronger than you think you are, and that you kick ass.

Although this is just one example of how being relentless can help you in challenging situations, think about how it can propel you toward personal freedom in your daily life. With anxiety, isolation and hurt at an all time high right now, perhaps being relentless simply looks like hanging on another day, no matter how tough it is. Or vowing to do better next time after we apologize to our kids for yelling. Or being dead set on consistently practicing a healthy morning routine, no matter how much we don't feel like it. Or bypassing the sugary snack after dinner, one more time.

Every day, hell, practically every moment, is an opportunity to be relentless. And though we won't ever be perfect in our pursuit, we'll be damn well better for the trying.

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