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Meal Delivery Kits

I've lost count of the number of meal delivery kits I've tried. It seems more and more pop up every day, tempting us with visions of easy, healthy and gourmet meals in zero time. Since there are so many out there, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the ones that have worked for me.

1. Hungryroot - Hungryroot is currently at the top of my list. It bills itself "not a meal kit or standard grocery delivery." PROS: Ability to choose from a variety of eating choices (gluten-, sugar-, dairy-free), meal plans for individuals and families, delicious and uber healthy food. CONS: Unlike other meal kits, this one feels more like assembling of a meal than actually cooking one. That can make it feel a little steep for the price.

2. Blue Apron - My fave for delicious gourmet meals that look great on a plate. PROS: New ingredients, flavors and unique combinations are enticing, and it's exciting to try new things every time. CONS: Gourmet costs more money. Also, you'll spend more time in the kitchen than other kits, but if you're into high-end, delicious meals, you may not mind.

3. HelloFresh - "America's most popular meal kit," HelloFresh is fairly easy and straightforward. PROS: Simple assembly and easy-to-execute recipes. Price is not astronomical. CONS: Can start to feel a bit boring with typical ingredients and meals.

4. Gobble - I actually love the ease and speed of Gobble, but the downsides were significant enough for me to cancel. PROS: Super fast, easy and yummy meals on the table in no time. CONS: Meals aren't particularly healthy and portion sizes were actually too huge for me to finish on my own.

5. Daily Harvest - I subscribed to Daily Harvest the longest. PROS: The ultimate in healthy food - fruits and veggies are the base. Flavor and ingredient combinations were top notch. CONS: With smoothies, soups and bowls the primary options, it got repetitive. Prepping meals got unappetizing when everything I ate came from a cup. Things that shouldn't be mushy, were.

6. Some other options I'm curious about (but haven't yet tried): Sun Basket, Purple Carrot, Martha & Marley Spoon.

Happy meal kit-making!

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