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Recs - What we're reading, buying, watching etc. (Week of August 16, 2020)

Doing the laundry - literally 1. My washing machine seems to be getting a tad musty lately, so I'm trying out these machine cleaner tablets. These are designed to clean front and top load washers, including HE machines. They've gotten above 4-star reviews from over 7,000 customers on Amazon​.

2. I've been using wool dryer balls for years, but I just came across these Rainbow Blast colored ones I need in my life! Dryer balls save waste from fabric sheets and do the job of de-static-ing (#thatsnotaword) while separating clothing more efficiently to reduce drying time. These particular ones are organic, handmade, cruelty-free and fair trade. Can't beat that!

3. Speaking of dryers, mine keeps shutting off in the middle of a load to wake me up to the fact that the vent needs some alone time, e.g. without the lint. I'm trying out these nifty flexible brushes, which were only eight bucks for two! Bonus: They work for fridge coils, too.

4. Every time you do laundry, your clothes shed thousands of miniscule plastic and chemical-treated fibers that end up in our waterways. Didn't know it was a thing, but now that I do, of course there's a product to solve it! Lol. These microfiber laundry washing balls restore microfibers on your laundry, make for cleaner clothes, and "contain proprietary minerals and elements that purify and clean water naturally to eliminate downstream nitrate and phosphate pollution." Give 'em a toss.

5. TBH, I only do a couple things on this Laundry Folding Tips list, but considering they're "life-changing", I figured I'd better share, lest the laundry gods punish me.

Happy laundering!

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