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Creativity During COVID-19

These days, my definition of creativity is binge-watching a different Netflix series. I can't say I've felt or been very creative lately, which is why I've been so inspired by the many ways I'm seeing people express their creativity recently.

Whether it's finding ways to keep a local business afloat, help a neighbor, or bring some joy and fun to others during this time, many people are getting creative about how to do these things within the constraints of the pandemic.

Talking with a friend the other day, we started recalling some of the instances where we've noticed the novel and inventive ways -- big and small -- people are meeting the unique challenges of this time. So I thought I'd share some examples to inspire you.

Maybe like me, love, you aren't feeling particularly creative. But perhaps you can participate in an experience that someone has thoughtfully created. Or maybe you will feel a pull to begin exploring what feels creative to you.

Whatever degree you participate, it's just another way to help you bring fun, connection and self-expression back into your life.

I didn't use to think of myself as creative. Creativity belonged in the realm of artists and musicians, novelists and painters. Creativity was a gift that some people had and some didn't.

As time when on, and I learned more not only about myself, but about personal development work just humans in general, I realized that wasn't true. It was a story I told myself, a limiting belief keeping me from doing things I wanted to do -- like draw, paint and write -- because I wasn't good enough to be creative.

Now, I truly believe that everyone is creative. The fact that we are alive on this earth means we are creative. It may look different from one person to another, and express itself in various ways, but it's there in all of us.

And we should embrace it.

Think about the time you troubleshooted an issue at home, whether it was about scheduling, coming up with a fun activity, or just whipping something up for dinner. Or when you problem-solved at work. Or perhaps a friend came to you with an issue and you found a solution.

These are all ways we demonstrate our creativity. If, like me once, you don't believe you are creative, just think about any instance where you were able to meet a challenge or overcome an obstacle. That's creativity at work!

Still, it can be tough to feel creative in this time we are living. So I've been noticing different ways people have been using their creativity to help themselves, their families, their businesses, and others. I'm sharing these examples to not only inspire you, but hopefully to spark your own sense of creativity and wonder!

Gettin' Creative with It

  • Drive-in movie theaters have made a huge comeback. Many venues, like county fairgrounds, have expanded the idea to concerts, plays, and theatrical performances. Find a drive-in theater or do a Google search for an event.

  • Just in time for Halloween, drive-thru haunted houses are now popping up around the country (and world)! Just Google "drive thru haunted house" for one near you.

  • Adopt-A-Grandparent is a program launched in Mesa, AZ to help local seniors get their groceries and prescriptions delivered by neighbors. In a past issue, I named Pandemic of Love, a national program that connects people who can support others in need with cash, groceries and other necessities due to job or home loss, or other conditions requiring assistance.

  • A TV game show goes all virtual, with celebrities competing against each other in silly and funny contests. Couples, brothers and sisters, dads and daughters have all participated in the show from their own homes. It's the new TV!

  • Numerous conferences, summits, concerts and more have gone all-virtual and are free to attend. Check out this week's The Shift Summit & Music Festival that just kicked off today, or the Collective Trauma Summit "to explore methods for working with unresolved and hidden trauma" from September 22-October 1. Enjoy the Kukuza Fest, "amplifying Black artists in family music" this weekend, or The Library of Congress National Book Festival next weekend.

  • People recreate famous paintings for a challenge put on by the Getty Museum.

  • Public venues like zoos, hotels, campsites and more have reopened with safety measures in place. Time to go on that road trip you've been delaying.

  • A baker pivots from her brick and mortar store to offer custom making and decorating kits you can put together at home. Fun and tasty!

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