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Recs - What We're Reading, Buying, Watching, etc. (Week of September 27, 2020)

Make Cooking Fun!

I've gotten back into cooking again after recently falling out of the habit. Here are some things I've found helpful or look forward to trying to make it more fun (or at least bearable, lol).

1. Raddish is a cooking club for kids that I've been enjoying with my son. We've made amazingly good, yet accessible, dishes like herb roasted chicken, sweet potato gnocchi, and apple cider donuts (twice!). You get straightforward instructions, a shopping list, and even small games. Use the discount code ctmzzr to try it out.

2. I'm coveting this teal-handled knife set from the HBO Max Original show, Selena + Chef. The show follows Selena Gomez as she cooks the signature dishes of the famous chefs who are instructing her. Get the high-quality titanium set here.

3. As a fan of Jamie Oliver, famed British chef who advocated for nutritious food in schools, I'm looking forward to trying out his 5 Ingredients: Quick & Easy Food cookbook for recipes that are healthy, fast and delish. This is one of many of his cookbooks that interest me, also check out Ultimate Veg for accessible vegetarian recipes.

4. Love Trader Joe's? Check out Cooking Through Trader Joe's for recipes primarily using their product. Author Kelsey Lynch has amassed 185,000 followers on her Trader Joe's Food Reviews Instagram.

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