Let Light In

Talking with a couple of friends this week, both conversations led into preparing for winter, mentally and emotionally speaking. Knowing we'll be at home more than we are now, and continuing physical distance when we deeply crave warmth and connection, we discussed how we could shore up some of the lightness and brightness of summer to get us through colder, longer days.

One friend told me about a birthday party idea she'd heard about. Activity kits and yummy treats were being given to friends via home drop-offs, then everyone would gather virtually to do the activities together while enjoying the treats and the company.

I love this idea. Though it involves planning and effort, the work would no doubt pay off, probably even more so than a usual pre-COVID gathering, because everyone would be grateful for something so joyful and memorable.

Big or small, finding ways to keep things light in the long nights to come, can help us get through the season better.

Maybe experimenting with a new holiday recipe or getting caught up on your reading list. How about coming up with a weekly treat to lift your spirits? Banana bread and iced green tea are mine at the moment. When it gets colder, I'm envisioning Mexican hot chocolate and a red velvet cupcake. Yee!

Doing things for others always helps get us out of our own heads, and reminds us to be grateful. Could you do something nice for a neighbor (bonus if it's anonymous), or shelter a pet in need? Both are great for fostering connection and companionship!

What if you created new rituals or traditions for the holidays? I'm starting to think about the things I like to do every year with my son for the holidays, to figure out what I can keep and what I need to tweak or replace. We won't be trick or treating for Halloween this year, so I might try something more like a candy scavenger hunt, for example.

We are usually with family for the other holidays, and our cherished annual tamale-making on Christmas Day at my sister's house will have to be canceled. But I'm planning on making sure we all connect virtually.

I also know that I'll need to hold tightly and dig deeper into my self-care rituals: spending more time meditating, being more consistent with practices like journaling and exercise, engaging in healthier options like reading inspirational and motivational books versus doomscrolling or Netflixing down a rabbit hole.

Continuing to make my space as comfortable and warm as I can with more strategic lighting, brighter decor and meaningful mementos throughout the house is another way I'll be looking to gear up for a challenging winter.

Trying some of these ideas actually feels exciting and fun! I'm eager to continue coming up with ideas that will help keep the light(ness) on through the darkness ahead.

What'll you'll be doing to keep things light in the coming months? Shoot me an email or comment on this post!

Ideas for Staying in the Light(ness)

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